Shower Blitz


Environmentally friendly and 100% Chemical Free!

  • Wet spray and walk away
  • Showers, tiles, and toilets
  • Ideal to remove soap scum, grease, fat mould, mildew

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Shower Blitz

Wet Spray and Walk Away – It is that easy!
Shower Blitz™ works upon application so those hours of scrubbing and cleaning are a thing of the past! You can use it all over the shower, tiles, sink, and toilet. Shower Blitz™ is completely environmentally friendly and 100% Chemical Free!

Ideal for:

  • Showers, tiles, and toilets
  • Ideal to remove soap scum, grease, fat mould, mildew.
  • Domestic use
  • The hospitality industry, hotels, and motels
  • Aged care facilities and nursing homes
  • Child care facilities and kindergartens


Bacteria are living cells are extremely small microorganism that multiplies as long as there is grime or waste to consume. While eating, they naturally produce enzymes to break down the grime & waste into molecules it can easily digest. Bacteria will continue eating and multiplying until all the dirt or pollutants are gone! Naturally produced bacterial enzymes are much more effective and economical than manufactured enzymes at breaking down organic matter.

Our bacteria are enzyme-producing powerhouses. Bacteria use the enzymes they produce to break down complex waste into simple compounds, which it then consumes, thereby completely eliminating grime, waste, and odours!

Our Bacteria is safe for the environment and scientifically proven, Our bio-bacterial products are not genetically altered, are chemical-free and 100% safe for you & your family.

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Weight.500 kg
Dimensions3 × 9 × 25 cm

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