Natural Hand Sanitiser – 24hr Protection


Continues to kill germs for 24hrs


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Hand Sanitiser Once Daily 24-Hour “Just Nuke It”

Unlike regular hand sanitizers that you need to re-apply many times per day, Nuke Hand Sanitiser Once Daily continues to kill germs for 24 hours after a single application and may help protect for up to 48 hours*.

  • Natural, non-hazardous, eco-friendly, and Australian-made.
  • Moisturises hands as it acts like a force-field that kills and protects against germs.
  • Because you only apply once per day, one bottle will last for up to 12 months.

NUKE™ is a non-hazardous and eco-friendly product made in Australia.

It can be applied directly onto hands and surfaces

Once dry, a microscopic and invisible germ barrier is formed. Nuke™ bonds to surfaces then penetrate and ‘explodes’ germs and bacteria that come into contact with it.

The active ingredient in NUKE™ is a molecular bonding polymer that has been extracted from coconut oil and has antimicrobial properties. Because it bonds to the surface, its antimicrobial properties are held in place, protecting the surface for much longer than other disinfectants.

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