Natural Disinfectant Surface Spray – 24hr Barrier


Natural & Eco Friendly

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24 Hour Disinfectant Germ Barrier “Nuke it Daily”


For use on all hard surfaces, including Touch Screens.

The method of elimination is a physical action that destroys the cell wall, not a chemical reaction, so it is impossible for germs to build immunity and become super-bugs.

Natural, non-hazardous, eco-friendly, and Australian-made.

It can be applied directly to the surface. Once dry, a microscopic and invisible germ barrier is formed. Nuke™ bonds to surfaces then penetrate and ‘explodes’ germs and bacteria that come into contact with it.

The active ingredient in NUKE™ is a molecular bonding polymer that has been extracted from coconut oil and has antimicrobial properties. Because it bonds to the surface, its antimicrobial properties are held in place, protecting the surface for much longer than other disinfectants.


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