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The Australian Powerful Owl

Powerful by name, and powerful by nature. The Powerful Owl is Australia’s largest owl with an impressive wingspan of up to 140cm, and adults stand at about 60cm tall. Named for their strength they are the only bird in Australia that carries more than its own body weight in food. The Powerful Owl is a species of owl native to South-Eastern and Eastern Australia. It is the largest owl on the continent.

Our Motto

Buy From Oz and keep the locals in Jobs

Powerowlz is a company that is passionate about Australia.

It was through the Covid19 pandemic that we became aware of the difficulty in finding genuine Australian Owned & Made items. 

Our mission was to create an online store where you could buy with confidence.  We do the research for you to ensure your receiving 100% Aussie Owned & Made.

Powerowlz is determined to support the Australian economy and sell products from both small and big businesses.


Our name derives from the native Australian Powerful Owl, as we believe it represents this country, ‘Strong and Powerful’.


 The year 2020 has been very challenging, but Australians are known for supporting each other in hard times and that is our goal.

When you buy Australian Made and Owned, you can guarantee that standards are upheld, and you are supporting your fellow Aussie.

We will continually grow our inventory and find wonderful products to offer our customers.


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